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Duke Aeroplane


Duke Aeroplane (Galen Cassidy Peria) was born at a very young age, somewhere not too far from here.  Ever since then he has been having one hell of a time.  

He has toured extensively in the United States and Europe with ‘Vermont Joy Parade’, releasing two critically acclaimed studio albums and one popular tour-documentary film.  He is a founding member of United Bakery Records, a New Orleans, Louisiana independent record label and event company, and is currently in the final stages of post-production on his first feature-length narrative film, “The Heartbeat, The Hammer”, a production in collaboration with the label.  His most recent studio endeavor, “Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher Ground” is available through United Bakery Records.

Part piano professor and part two-martini bookworm, Duke Aeroplane, J.M., plays legit rhythm & booze, dixie ballads, beatnik pirate shanties, and bleary-eyed lullabies.  Music for baptisms, side-shows, card games, funerals, bank robberies, structure fires, and train rides.

Both Peria and Aeroplane are available for various engagements and difficult situations, either in solo performance or with full band support.

"Warren Zevon meets Tom Waits in dark alley in Nola. A rollicking night and hazy bar conversation ensues. Morning time coffee awaits. Black. Love that Duke Aeroplane.”
-Rob Randow of “Pheasants”

“A man who has earned the right to wear his sunglasses on stage.”
-Shane Sayers

“Shake it up and pour it … I’m in a wild mood tonight.  I want to go dance in the foam.  I hear the banshees calling.  I haven’t shot a man in a week.  Speak out. Pluck the antique viol.  Let the soft music float.”
-Raymond Chandler

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