The Story So Far

The man known today as Duke Aeroplane was born in Louisiana in 1926, the only heir to the Thibedeaux Charlebois fortune. His father's vast oil wealth was frivoled away on a risky entrepeneurship to build an automobile that runs on vegetables and water. Duke Aeroplane

Young Duke, raised with all the splendors of Gautama, was then plunged headfirst into the smokey jazz dens of New Orleans. A sometime student and drinking companion of Professor Longhair, he soon mastered the accordian as well and began publishing obscene love poems under the pen name, Doctor Glimpses.

What began as a character soon possessed Duke Aeroplane, and he traveled through eastern Europe, claiming he had discovered the secret to everlasting life, and falling in love with reckless gypsy women. Upon his return to the states Aeroplane settled in New York and took to the stage, where he met with mixed success.

That's where the Vermont Joy Parade found him, thumbing for a ride on the Brooklyn Bridge, wearing his 3-piece suit, muttering about Chopin.